Frequently Asked Questions

Basic information for using Freska Musik content

When you buy music, you actually buy a license to use it. I can offer you different types of licenses depending on the use of music. You choose the option of using the track, send your data / information on customer who orders advertising, and finally you get a license agreement in which it will be prescribed, under what conditions it is allowed to use the track, and to whom the license is issued.

Yes, its royalty free so you don’t have to worry about that and pay any additional fees after you arrange the purchase.

How Freska Musik content can be used?

All tracks, suggested by Freska Musik, can be used in audio and video advertising, and also for arrangement of TV and radio broadcasters, video blogs and IVR. If you want to use melodies to arrange a performance or a movie, then we have to discuss this in more detail, since you will be offered another version of the license.

How it shouldn’t be used?

These tracks cannot be used to create new songs without permission. That is, if you liked a track from the site, and you decided to compose a song based on it, and then perform with it, then you need to contact us and discuss all the points. Without agreement, such actions will be considered illegal, as they violate our copyrights. However, you have the right to impose your voice on it, use it as a background for an audio book and so on.

What kinds of licenses i offer?

Non-exclusive license

This is a license agreement whereby the licensee (you) is granted the right to use the result of intellectual activity (a piece of music) while maintaining the licenser's right to issue a license to others. That is, with such a license, other licensees can use the track you have chosen. Non-exclusive license is limited to a 1-year time period.

Exclusive license

This is a contract for transferring the rights to use the result of intellectual activity (a piece of music) to only one person without retaining the possibility for the licensor to transfer the rights to issue licenses to other persons. A non-exclusive license may be limited to a time period and territorial scope.

The term and form of the exclusive license are negotiated.

How the process of licensing purchase is going?

After you have chosen the option of using the track and the type of the proposed license, contacted us, sent all the necessary data to make the contract, you will be sent a link to pay by card or via pay pal.

After payment, you will receive a link to the archive, which includes:

  • License agreement
  • Music track in two formats: Wave 16 bit, 44100 khz/ Mp3 320 kbit

Payment can be made by card or via PayPal. Please note that small extra fee can be added during the purchase. This normally considered as a bank service fee and it depends on the credit card you are using. If you see some strange additional fees, feel free to contact us.

Of course, you will get tracks without Freska Musik voiceover.

I have added additional service - content change request

We are more than flexible and for example, if you want to make the track you like a little longer or shorter, remove the drum section or insert it, maybe even change the tempo and tonality, we are ready to help you with this. Terms of such work will be discussed separately.