Freska Musik is a team of experienced professionals who work deeply with music and sound in media products and art

We have always seen our ultimate goal — to create a space where the music would sound clearly, smoothly and profoundly. We have been working on music as creators, collaborators and curators for over 15 years and we had enough time to realize the importance of real creativity and sincerity. We are well educated in music history and aware of its cultural value. Throughout our professional career, we had an opportunity to work with many artists, record labels and big industry players. This gave us an insatiable experience and an understanding of how important it is to make the best product possible, regardless of the circumstances. Our team members recognize the value of musical freedom and taste, and we will do our best to become your connoisseur in media and art projects.


freska music production barcelonaMy name is Eugene (Ф)Freska and I am the founder of Freska Musik. I started my music journey in the early 2000s, composing and producing at my home studio. Since that time i published a lot of music, travelled around the world, composed for TV and artists and that path led me to cooperation with major players in the industry, one of which was Red Bull. I started working there, supervising the music strategy of the brand and various cultural projects. In 2017 I decided to focus on my thing and worked hard on both sides: as an entrepreneur and music professional. Now I have assembled a team of talented people and continued my efforts to realize my dream - to build an innovative brand in the field of music and sound. My team and I work with any type of projects, where there is a need for quality music and sound.



Rost has been working with sound (with its experimental side) since the mid 90s as an artist and label manager. He has an excellent knowledge of sound history and is constantly searching for new sound solutions. His strong point is to find a sonic depth even in the tiniest of rustles.


David has built two studios and is unlikely to stop there. In his collection you can find old Soviet synthesizers, cassette mixers and many other unique equipment pieces that I have never heard of before. He's a  true engineer and a fan of good sound.


Julia joined the team as a production professional and project leader. We worked on a video production together earlier and that is where we learned about standards and formats of a great picture. She knows how to set priorities and find common language with all the stakeholders. And yes, she loves music a lot.