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Welcome to Freska Musik

Your project and our participation is a great opportunity to give this world a unique piece of media art and set a new standard. We have always seen our ultimate goal — to create a space where the music would sound clearly, smoothly and profoundly. Every day we come across different types of collaborators, and our first task is to understand their demands and expectations from our work.


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Sound and Music Direction

We try to work with wide range of media projects: commercials, branding, games, motion graphics, etc.  and that’s because we like to learn from each one of those types of projects. We understand the tasks of each client and therefore we manage to come up with non-standard sound solutions to create true storytelling out of sounds and chords.

Music Composition and Production

Full process of composing and music/sound production is a craft that your brand deserves. Music composition shouldn’t be an afterthought in your content. While visual content can be powerful, it is so often music that brings a message home. We can provide what generic-sounding music can't - a memorable experience for a listener.

Similar Tracks by Reference

Of course, many of our clients come to us with one single and very clear goal: they want the music to remind them of a certain hit on the radio or create a feeling of the first ´ELO' album, for example. We can and we know how to work with references, because we have library knowledge of music and we have listened to tons of released albums.


We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our love of art. Have we learned how to make money from it? Is it time to start giving back? We are always ready to learn about your art projects and discuss possible collaborations. Art flourishes where there is a sense of adventure. Drop us a line!